10 Best Massage Chairs Under $2000 Review 2024

Welcome to my post “Top 10 Best Massage Chairs Under $2000“. Here I’ll review the best-selling massage chairs as per your budget.

Choosing the right massage chair is not an easy job. It requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure that it meets your specific needs, preferences and budget. There are so many brands and models of chairs in the market. So it’s difficult for someone to decide the right chair for himself. Before buying any massage chair, you must read my post ” Massage Chair Buying Guide. ”

I’ve already reviewed the following massage chairs under $1000 and under $3000 :

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After a deep search on these chairs, I’ve selected 3 of the best-selling massage chairs according to your budget below. You may select one of them with confidence. If you ask my suggestion, I would like to recommend you ” iRest AI Massage Chair 2024″, which is the most selling massage chair, especially in USA . This chair is suitable for all ages and equipped with all features like pro massage chairs.


Best Massage Chairs Under 1000

Real Relax 2023 Massage Chair

Dimensions 52″D x 27″W x 43″H
Weight 143.3 lbs
Weight Capacity 300 lbs
Height Limit 5.2 to 6.1 foot
Color Black, Gray


Key Feature:

  • Dual-core S track Massage
  • One Touch Zero Gravity
  • LCD Screen with Remote Control
  • 6 Auto Programs
  • 3 Stages Massage Intensity
  • Built-in Bluetooth Music Player
  • Extendable Foot Rest
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iRest 2024 Massage Chair

iRest 2024 AI Massage Chair

Dimensions 62″D x 30″W x 44″H
Weight 191 lbs
Weight Capacity 330 lbs
Height Limit 5 to 6.2 foot
Color Black, White


Key Features:

  • AI Voice Control Chair
  • Yoga Stretch Massage
  • 3D Robotic Hand Massage
  • SL-Track Massage
  • 4 Stages Zero Gravity
  • 15 Auto Program with 5 Massage Techniques
  • Big LCD Screen
  • Bluetooth Music Player
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Kahuna SM-7300 Massage Chair

Dimensions 48″D x 47″W x 28″H
Weight 238 lbs
Weight Capacity 320 lbs
Height Limit 5 to 6.5 foot
Color Black, Brown


Key Features:

  • Auto Body Scan
  • 3D Massage
  • 5 Yoga Stretching Program
  • 4 Auto Programs
  • 3 Stages Massage Speed
  • 3 Stages Massage Intensity
  • SL- Track Massage
  • Space Saving Zero Gravity
  • Upgraded LCD Remote
  • Suitable for Tall People
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Investing in a massage chair can be a wise decision, and you don’t necessarily have to splurge over $5000 to enjoy the fundamental benefits it offers, such as stress relief and chronic pain management.

Considering that a standard 1-hour massage typically costs between $50 and $90, a massage chair within the range of $1500 to $2000 can recoup its cost in just 22-40 hours of usage.

Assuming you use the massage chair for approximately 30 minutes a day, it would pay for itself in 44-80 days.

While the basic calculation values a massage chair at $2000, it’s essential to note that not all models in this price range guarantee longevity, especially those priced under $1000.

To ensure you receive value for your money, we’ve curated a selection of top brands that fall within this price range.

A high-quality massage chair doesn’t necessarily need to be priced at $5000. However, some models within the $1000-$2000 range may not offer good value for money. In my research, I discovered that surpassing the value provided by the Kahuna LM 6800 chair can be challenging, given its excellent reliability, customer service, and favorable price-to-feature ratio.

Best Massage Chair under $2000 Review

Among the available models and brands priced under $2000, the Kahuna LM 6800 stands out as a leader in terms of quality and reliability. It offers a commendable range of features for its price and boasts excellent customer service. However, despite being the top model in this price range, it faces stiff competition.

For those seeking the best massage chair globally, I recommend checking out my comprehensive massage chair reviews guide.

1. iRest A306 Massage Chair – AI Technology Chair

The iRest A306 Massage Chair stands out as an affordable option equipped with standard industry technology. Featuring an S+L track and 3D rollers, it is well-suited for individuals experiencing back pain or for enthusiasts seeking a cost-effective yet high-quality ergonomic recliner.

Join us in acknowledging the idea that luxury can indeed come at an affordable price! In this instance, we’re exploring a massage chair under $2000, showcasing advanced technology for a soothing and therapeutic experience.

Budget Friendly

Our review focuses on the iRest A306, a budget-friendly model that packs a punch in terms of features. Boasting 3D rollers, a 53” S+L track, and Zero-G seating, this chair might just eliminate the need for frequent chiropractic visits!

Special Design

Overview of the iRest A306 Massage Chair Design Established in 2003, the Chinese brand iRest specializes in massage appliance technology, offering an impressive range of opulent massage chairs at reasonable prices, equipped with cutting-edge features that are creating a buzz among enthusiasts.

Reclining Feature

The star of our review today is the iRest A306 massage chair, a standard recliner with a modest feature set that doesn’t compromise on the quality of the massage experience. Contrary to expectations, the technology incorporated is far from outdated; in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

The iRest A306 focuses on functionality with its no-frills S+L track, 3D rollers, and Zero-G Seating, providing a massage experience that stands out in its price range.


Dimensions of the iRest A306 Massage Chair Surprisingly, the chair even offers Voice Command functionality for control, a shiny extra rarely found at this price point.

The design exudes elegance and contemporaneity, featuring smooth rounded edges and inconspicuous footwells. With dimensions measuring 70.87 x 29.92 x 33.46 inches and a weight of 200 pounds, it’s worth noting that this recliner demands a substantial amount of space.

Space Saving

To address space concerns, iRest has incorporated Space Saving Technology, ensuring a mere 2” clearance between the fully reclined chair and the wall – a standout feature compared to other models, which typically require a 5” or less wall clearance.

Adjustable Footrest

The chair also comes with an adjustable footrest extending an extra 7” for taller users, accommodating a maximum height of 6’2”, surpassing the average. Notably, the A306 can support a maximum weight of 300 pounds, a rarity in a market that often caters to an average weight of 260 pounds, showcasing iRest’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity.


The A306 is available in black and brown, featuring soft, glowing LED lights on the side panels for added aesthetics.

While we appreciate the overall design of the chair, some reviews of the iRest A306 have pointed out that the padding on the lower back is thin, leading to discomfort caused by the rollers.

Despite this, considering the affordable price, you still get a touch of elegance. The A306 stands out from typical mall massage chairs with its distinctive appearance.

Moving on to the features, let’s delve into what the A306 has to offer.


Now, let’s explore the inner workings beneath the faux leather exterior. The iRest A306 boasts a technology package that, while not cutting-edge, is certainly above average.

The crucial factor is the quality of the massage, and the A306 excels in this aspect, starting with its track and roller system.

SL Hybrid Massage Track $ 3D Roller System

A superior track and roller system contributes to a massage experience reminiscent of human touch.

iRest has ensured that the A306 provides a lifelike massage by incorporating a generous 53” S+L Hybrid track.

Commencing from the base of the neck, it follows the natural curve of the spine down to the lumbar region, extending beneath the seat to target the thighs and glutes.

With the addition of 3D rollers, the experience is elevated. These advanced rollers not only move vertically but also deviate from the track.

Users have the flexibility to adjust the depth, width, and intensity for an exceptional deep tissue massage, replicating the motions of a professional masseuse.

Typically, lower-end chairs feature outdated technology, such as a fixed frame with immobile rollers. Alternatively, they may only move vertically and lack additional functionality.

Considering the price, the A306 offers advanced technology that delivers a meticulous deep tissue massage.

Auto Body Scan

Automatic body scanning is a common feature in many massage chairs.

This sensor scan identifies the user’s pressure points and aligns the rollers to their body’s unique dimensions before initiating a massage.

The Body Scan is designed to enhance massage accuracy, but as with any technology, perfection is not guaranteed.

It’s not uncommon for the rollers to be slightly misaligned, a common occurrence across various models, requiring manual adjustment.

Zero Gravity

Inspired by NASA, the Zero-G concept is now a prevalent feature in recliners. Finding one without it is rare.

The Zero-G position, which elevates the legs above the heart, creates a weightless sensation, releasing pressure, improving blood flow, and alleviating back pain.

This makes Zero-G particularly beneficial for individuals with chronic back pain.

With the spine relieved of weight, users can fully relax as the 3D rollers deeply massage the back against the track.

iRest distinguishes itself by offering three Zero-G positions, a rarity in lower-priced chairs.

This variety provides users with more options to find the ideal recline angle, enhancing therapeutic value.

Lumbar Heat

Heat is another therapeutic feature for back pain sufferers. The A306 includes a heating pad in the lumbar region, soothing sore muscles and relieving tightness.

While not the most optimal setup, as some chairs offer heat in both the lumbar region and footwells, the A306’s affordability makes it a compelling choice.


Massage chair designers often highlight accessories to set their recliners apart.

The A306 boasts three noteworthy accessories:

  1. Bluetooth speakers for crystal clear music during your massage.
  2. USB port for convenient device charging while relaxing.
  3. User-friendly remote controller to ease the learning curve for beginners.

Despite offering these popular add-ons, the standout feature is the Voice Control function, allowing users to activate massage programs by speaking.

However, some reviewers find it a drawback, as it may be triggered by unintended noises, disrupting the massage experience.

The iRest A306 Massage Chair features essential massage techniques and programs typically found in chairs within its price range. It incorporates five common techniques: finger pressing, tapping, kneading, Shiatsu, and a tapping/kneading combination. All are enhanced by the 3D rollers for a high-quality experience.

Notably, the chair stands out with its unique Yoga Stretch program, blending kneading, tapping, and Shiatsu to provide a comprehensive muscle stretch, a feature not commonly found in many recliners.

The chair offers a total of 12 pre-set massage programs, covering various areas and purposes such as Back & Waist, Relaxing, Shoulder & Neck, Full Body, Traction, Protection of Vertebral, Comfortable, Full Air Pressure, Fatigue Recovery, Beautiful Buttock Shaping, Soothing Sleep, and Stretching. These programs ensure a convenient and immediate relaxation experience at the push of a button.

However, while the auto programs are comprehensive, the manual options could have been more extensive. The chair provides a 20-minute auto timer and adjustable settings for width (3 levels), speed (5 levels), and intensity (3 levels). Despite the impressive Yoga Stretch feature and advanced massage technology, some users may find the lack of variety in manual options a drawback.

The A306 also incorporates air massage functionality, utilizing 28 strategically placed airbags across the feet, legs, arms, and shoulders. When inflated, these airbags provide a comforting compression massage, enveloping fatigued muscles in a cloud-like embrace.

Additionally, the chair offers a foot/calf massage through a combination of specialized rollers and airbags, targeting acupressure points to alleviate pain from prolonged standing.

While the foot/calf massage is effective, the absence of heat in the footwells may be seen as a missed opportunity for enhancing its therapeutic benefits, particularly for individuals with chronic foot pain.

While the iRest A306 massage chair does have some limitations in terms of manual customization, its affordability and impressive features make it a solid choice.

Massage Chair under $2000, it provides 12 auto programs, and the advanced track with a 3D roller system ensures a realistic massage experience. The inclusion of the Yoga Stretch function is a notable advantage, especially considering the chair’s budget-friendly nature.

However, it falls short in certain aspects, such as the absence of footwell heating found in some competing models. Despite not being a state-of-the-art chair, the A306 caters to taller and larger individuals, accommodating body types weighing up to 300 pounds. This inclusivity makes it an attractive option for those who struggle to find a suitable massage chair.

Recommended for:

  • Hobbyists seeking a cost-effective, quality standard recliner.
  • Individuals dealing with chronic back pain.
  • Taller or larger body types.

iRest A306 Massage Chair Warranty: The A306 comes with a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase, demonstrating iRest’s commitment to the durability and reliability of its product.


  1. Incorporates an extensive 53” S+L Hybrid track.
  2. Features a 3D roller system for an enhanced massage experience.
  3. Offers 3 Zero-G positions for optimal comfort.
  4. Includes a Yoga Stretch function for therapeutic benefits.
  5. Boasts 12 auto programs, providing a variety of massage options.
  6. Affordable pricing compared to other massage chairs.


  1. Limited manual customization options.
  2. Lacks heat in the footwells.
  3. Voice control may be unreliable at times.
  4. Backrest has thin padding.


In summarizing the iRest A306 review, this chair stands out as a budget-friendly choice catering to hobbyists seeking relaxation with top-notch technology. The inclusion of a 53” S+L Hybrid track and unique features like Yoga Stretch and three Zero-G positions enhances its appeal. For those prioritizing a quality massage without unnecessary frills, the iRest A306 is recommended, particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing back pain due to its lumbar heat function, air compression massage, and 3D rollers

2. Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800

If you’re considering the price on Amazon, you won’t find a massage chair with the same functionality as the Kahuna LM 6800. While the feet and calf rollers on this budget-friendly massage chair can be somewhat intense, the chair includes additional padding. If needed, you can further enhance comfort by adding an extra cushioned pad or fabric.

The LM 6800 encompasses high-end massage chair features, though not to the same degree of sophistication. It includes body-scan technology, zero gravity positioning, and even arm massage. With five distinct massage techniques and three speed and intensity settings for various body areas, targeting specific sore spots is easily achievable. It’s also one of the most affordable L-track massage chairs.

L-track: This system utilizes a 4-roller massage system to alleviate pain in the lower back and buttocks, providing relief for lower back pain and certain forms of sciatica.

Space-Saving Zero-Gravity: This technology requires only 3″ of wall space for three different zero gravity positions, known for being the most effective position for enjoying a massage.

Dual Foot Rollers: While some may find the dual-roller intensity a bit strong, adding a layer of padding can alleviate this issue.

Computerized Body Scan: Despite being a more budget-friendly model, it features a full-body scan for a personalized massage tailored to your size and shape.

5 Manual Massage Techniques: Including Kneading, Tapping, Rolling, Shiatsu, and a combination of Kneading/Tapping, offering a wide variety of options.

6 Auto Programs: Includes the Yoga-Stretching program for increased circulation and revitalization, and the SH-Chiro program combining shiatsu and chiropractic techniques to relieve stress and tension in the spine.

Heating Therapy: Provides additional pain relief in the lower back and legs.

Personal Adjustment Options: Allows adjustment of roller speed and air cell massage intensity to three levels, targeting specific areas such as upper back, lower back, entire back, lower body, lower back & body.


  • Affordable
  • Encompasses the main functions of high-end chairs
  • Space-saving design


  • Foot roller can be intense
  • Fewer adjustments compared to high-end models
  • Not suitable for tall/heavy individuals

Key Takeaway: The Kahuna LM6800 offers all essential functions for a satisfying massage experience. With various preset programs targeting common problem areas and ample personal adjustment options, it stands out as a comprehensive choice in its price range.

3. Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair

The Osaki OS-4000 provides an affordable zero-gravity massage experience. This Osaki massage chair boasts an impressive S-track function, particularly excelling in shoulder and neck massage within its price range.

The arm and foot massage feature targets specific reflex points, promoting an overall sense of well-being. While it falls into the low-range category, it is a suitable choice for those seeking relief from upper back pain and tension.

The zero-gravity feature offers two settings, placing you in an ideal weightless position for a space-saving yet relaxing massage experience. The intelligent S-track massage robot focuses on the neck, shoulders, and lumbar spine, adapting to your spine’s curve and making micro-adjustments for an enhanced massage.

With six pre-set programs (Healthcare, Relax, Therapy, Smart, Circulation, and Demo), manual adjustments for upper body massages (full-body, partial, or fixed), and various customization options like speed, intensity levels, and calf rest adjustments, the Osaki OS-4000 provides versatile massage choices.

Targeted massages for specific areas, including powerful vibration seat massage, air, and vibration arm massage, hip air massage, lower back, legs, and feet heat therapy, air squeeze neck massage, shoulder air massage, and specialized mechanical foot rollers, aim to alleviate tension and pain.

The LCD display, accompanied by a mini wireless controller, features 5-30 minute auto-time options for a convenient and relaxing experience. The chair is backed by a 3-year warranty, although specific details are not provided.

POSITIVES Affordable pricing Excellent massage for neck, shoulders, and lower back NEGATIVES Unclear warranty details Loud beeping sound after each massage session SUMMARY The Osaki OS-4000 massage chair offers a cost-effective solution with impressive neck, shoulder, and lower back massages. While lacking some high-end features, the upgraded PU upholstery in the new model enhances durability. Note, however, that warranty information is not clearly specified.

4. Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 – 3D FlexGlide

This chair, priced under $2000, stands out for its exceptional quality. While it may lack certain features found in other chairs, it boasts the 3D FlexGlide system, ensuring a smooth and pinch-free roller experience.

Covering the essentials, it includes body mapping, air warming, figure-8 calf massaging, foot massaging, 5 auto-programs, and a convenient swivel base. Despite its relatively affordable cost, this chair offers great value.

Featuring 5 Auto Massage Programs, you can choose the one that suits your needs, letting the chair take care of the rest. The Body Map Pro function eliminates the need for tedious button pressing, allowing you to select specific body areas easily.

Experience luxury with the patented Warm Air Technology, providing a soothing stream of warm air for lumbar relaxation. The swivel base enhances maneuverability, making it a practical addition.

The FlexGlide Roller Technology minimizes pinching and friction, offering a seamless roller effect. Unveiling a hidden ottoman, the chair transforms from a normal chair to a massage chair, with concealed calf wells doubling as footwells.

Enjoy a unique Figure-8 Calf Massage with paddles, promoting better circulation. The easy-to-use remote ensures a user-friendly experience. The chair replicates human-like techniques with Stretch, Flex, and Tone Massage for a distinctive and satisfying massage.


  • High-quality components
  • Exceptional massage experience
  • Convenient swivel base


  • Higher price point
  • Limited features

Key Takeaway: Despite having fewer features compared to some higher-priced models, the WholeBody chair delivers an excellent massage experience and proves to be a durable investment.

5. Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu

The Real Relax Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair stands out among its counterparts due to its extensive range of features. The 2020 model, in particular, boasts Bluetooth functionality and six pre-programmed massage sequences.

While some users have noted that the shoulder massage might be on the gentler side, or the leg cushions too intense, the general consensus is that, given its price, this chair offers excellent value. The customer service is commendable, with faulty chairs promptly replaced, though a return shipping fee of $150-$200 may apply.

Featuring six automatic programs employing various techniques to address common ailments, this massage chair provides a comprehensive relaxation experience. The inclusion of heating pads in the lower back and feet contributes to tension relief and enhanced circulation, facilitating faster healing.

The foot massage component incorporates both rollers and airbags for complete relaxation, and the extendable footrests accommodate individuals with longer legs. Assembling the chair is straightforward, despite the manual’s limitations, and the user-friendly control panel allows for easy adjustment of timers and intensity. Additionally, the chair’s mobility is enhanced by convenient rollers at the back of the base.

Equipped with zero-gravity functionality and the ability to function as a recliner even without a power source, the Real Relax fulfills the expectations associated with premium massage chairs.

POSITIVES Diverse range of high-quality features Excellent customer service

NEGATIVES Return fees apply Maximum height limit of 6’1”

Key Summary: This product stands out for its impressive features and overall quality. While it may not be the ideal choice for taller individuals, it remains the top recommendation for a well-crafted chair within this price range.

6. BestMassage EC06 Massage Chair

Although the EC06 chair is recognized for its diverse range of features, it is notable for experiencing malfunctions, and its returns policy excludes postage costs, with no provision for in-home repairs.

On a positive note, this chair accommodates individuals up to 6’3” and offers 9 programs featuring adjustable intensity. Additionally, it provides a manual massage function with 7 distinct massage modes.

Fully customizable, the chair allows users to adjust the angle, speed, width, intensity (in 3 levels), and pressure (in 4 levels) for a personalized massage experience, offering a choice of 7 different massage modes.

Equipped with 21 airbags located strategically at the arms, hips, shoulders, thighs, calves, and feet, along with heating pads in the back and foot sections, the chair adds pressure and comforting heat to specific areas for a soothing massage.

Featuring smart body scanning, the chair automatically measures the length of your spine and your weight to tailor the massage intensity for optimal comfort. It provides comprehensive support for your neck, shoulders, waist, back, legs, and feet.

The chair boasts various functions, including 7 massage modes (kneading, tapping, stretching, shiatsu, combo, air pressure, heating), 9 preset auto massage programs (including special stretching programs for full-body stretching), and a manual massage option, giving you control over your own massage experience.


  • Impressive Functions and Features
  • Body Scanning Capability for individuals up to 6’3″


  • Poor customer service
  • Requirement to pay shipping fees for all returns; no in-home repair option
  • Prone to breaking

Key Insight: Despite its notable features, this model comes with certain drawbacks, including subpar customer service, mandatory return shipping fees, and a tendency to break. If you’re willing to take the risk, it can still be a worthwhile deal.

7. OWAYS Zero Gravity SL Track Massage Chair Review

The OWAYS Zero Gravity SL Track Massage Chair stands out as an exceptional zero gravity massage chair, effectively distributing weight and alleviating pressure from the spine and joints. It promotes the natural curvature of the spine, relieving tension and minimizing physical exhaustion through its deep v-wrapped design.

Featuring an intelligent 3D body scan, this chair automatically adjusts massage points and range, ensuring a personalized experience. Airbags strategically cover the shoulders, arms, hips, calves, and feet, loosening muscles and alleviating stiffness. With 32 airbags providing deep massages across various body parts, including the back, neck, shoulders, waist, hips, calves, legs, and feet, the chair’s 3D robot hands mimic human-like massages, reducing fatigue within just 20 minutes.

Priced under 2000 dollars, it is considered one of the top massage chairs in its category. Offering a variety of massage techniques such as knocking, kneading, tapping, clapping, rolling, shiatsu, and Thai massage, it ensures ultimate comfort. Additionally, the heating pads in the waist provide warmth, easing pressure and muscle fatigue.

Equipped with a Bluetooth speaker in the headrest, the chair can connect to devices like mobile phones, iPads, and even the iPhone 12. Airbags in the foot area enhance blood circulation and boost metabolism. With a weight limit of 330 lbs and a one-year guarantee, the chair provides a risk-free experience. If unsatisfied, it can be returned within 30 days, allowing users to enjoy a soothing massage while watching TV.


  • Intelligent 3D Body Scanning System
  • Thai Stretching Massage
  • Innovative Space-Saving Technology
  • Comprehensive Full Body Air Massage
  • Incorporates 5 Massage Techniques
  • Utilizes 3D Robot Hands
  • Features 2 Lumbar Heaters


  • Limited space in the arm area

8. iRest SL Track Massage Chair Recliner

The iRest full-body massage chair is specifically crafted to alleviate pain and muscle stiffness, offering a combination of Thai stretching, scraping therapy, and back muscle stretching for a rejuvenating experience. Many individuals have hailed it as one of the top massage chairs available for under $2000.

Utilizing an SL track structure based on human body engineering principles, this chair maintains the spine in an s-shaped curve, effectively releasing tension in the muscles. The AI massage hands mimic various massage actions such as kneading, flapping, pressing, pushing, squeezing, holding, swinging, and twisting, providing a massage experience akin to human hands.

Airbags strategically placed in the calf and thigh areas compress the muscles, alleviating leg soreness, while the Thai foot massage contributes to overall body relaxation. The three-stage zero gravity feature reduces heart pressure and improves blood circulation, enhancing the overall massage experience. The extendable footrest, capable of reaching a length of 20cm, and lower back heating pads further contribute to relieving back pain by stimulating metabolism.

Integrated with a wireless Bluetooth speaker in the arm area, the chair allows you to connect your iPhone or iPad for a musical accompaniment during your massage sessions.

For customer satisfaction, the iRest massage chair comes with a three-year warranty, and it boasts a substantial load capacity of 330 pounds. If you are open to a slightly higher budget, you may also want to explore our article on the best massage chairs under $3000.


  • Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Connectivity
  • Comprehensive Full-Body Comfort Massage
  • Targeted Neck and Shoulder Massage
  • 8 Automatic Massage Modes
  • Effective Fatigue Recovery Features
  • Convenient Retractable Footrest
  • Incorporates Thai Stretching Techniques


  • LED light does not support RGB customization.

9. Mynta AI Massage Chair

3D ROLLER&SL TRACK: The Mynta MC3100 incorporates Human Touch Massage technology, replicating the techniques of kneading, knocking, shiatsu, tapping, Swedish, and rolling, mimicking human hands. It offers 5 adjustable intensity levels and features an SL-Track design that delivers a comprehensive massage from the neck down to the glutes.

EASY TO CONTROL: The massage chair provides three control options – an LCD screen remote control, quick buttons, and voice control, eliminating the inconvenience of searching for buttons on a small remote.

MAXIMIZE YOUR LOWER EXTREMITY AND LOWER BACK MASSAGE EXPERIENCE: Compression airbags in the lumbar area alleviate fatigue and lower back pain. Calf section rollers and foot rollers, combined with airbags, deliver an exceptional lower extremity massage experience.

CONVENIENT DESIGN: The massage chair recliner includes a USB charging cable for device charging while sitting or reclining. It also features a side pocket for storing your phone or other small items, enhancing the overall convenience for daily use.

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Assembly of the massage chair’s footrest is straightforward with detailed instructions and videos provided. Our professional customer service is available before and after purchase. If any issues arise, feel free to contact us, and we will respond within 24 hours, offering the best possible solution.

Buyer Guide: What to know before buying a massage chair

Considerations should be taken into account before purchasing a massage chair priced under $1000.

Material: Given the intricate nature of these machines, containing numerous moving mechanical parts, electrical components, and sophisticated internal hardware, occasional malfunctions are not uncommon. However, fret not, as we have solutions to address these issues.

The choice of material significantly influences the overall feel of the chair during your massage experience. Opting for high-quality fabric creates an impression of a bespoke and exceptional treatment tailored for each individual, ensuring customers not only receive excellent massages but also revel in the experience.

Zero Gravity Function: A crucial feature in every massage chair is the zero-gravity function. This position enhances blood circulation by alleviating pressure on the heart. In this reclined state, with legs elevated above head height, users experience a weightless sensation, contributing to an immersive massage experience.

Massage chairs come in diverse styles and price ranges. The key is to find the most comfortable position, regardless of power lift capabilities.

Heating Functions: The inclusion of heating functions proves beneficial for those with lower back pain. Affordable massage chairs, such as the Relaxonchair MK classic under $2K, offer lumbar heating pads for targeted relief. Heat therapy aids pain recovery, promotes relaxation, and reduces stress-related muscle tension.

Airbags: Various airbags in massage chairs effectively reduce muscle stiffness and fatigue. Top-tier models, like the Kahuna LM 6800, boast 34 airbags for a high-intensity treatment. Users can control pressure levels, customizing the massage experience to their preference.

Footrest Extension: For optimal comfort during massage sessions, a footrest extension provides necessary support. This feature is particularly convenient for taller individuals, accommodating heights up to 6 1/2 – 7 ft., depending on the manufacturer’s specifications.

Dimension and Weight: Considering the bulkiness and weight of massage chairs, selecting one that fits your space is crucial. Additionally, ensure the chair’s weight capacity aligns with your needs, as some models can support up to 300 pounds.

Warranty: Thoroughly examining the warranty is a sensible step in the massage chair selection process. While some chairs offer comprehensive warranties, others may have limited coverage or require an additional payment. Always review manufacturer extended warranties before making final decisions on your purchase.

Now that you know what to look for when buying the best massage chair under 2000, it’s time to pick which one is right for your needs. Since there are so many different options available and they can be difficult, you should know the measurements and details of each massage chair.
We included high-quality massage chairs for under $2000 with warranties. The top massage recliner chair provides good relief in pain and reduces stress and muscle stiffness.


Now that you are informed about the key considerations when purchasing a massage chair under $2000, it’s time to choose the one that suits your needs. Given the abundance of options available, understanding the specifications and dimensions of each massage chair is crucial.

We’ve curated a selection of top-notch massage chairs priced under $2000, all equipped with warranties. These high-quality massage recliner chairs not only provide effective pain relief but also alleviate stress and muscle stiffness.


Which brand offers the best massage chair?

Several reputable brands, such as iRest Massage Chair and Real Relax Massage Chair, stand out for their quality and functionality.

What is the cost of a good-quality massage chair?

A high-quality massage chair typically falls within the range of $2000 to $5000, ensuring both a satisfactory warranty and impressive massage features.

Are zero gravity massage chairs worth the investment?

Zero gravity massage chairs are worth it, as they contribute to muscle relaxation, stress reduction, improved blood circulation, and overall health benefits.

What is a 3D massage chair?

A 3D massage chair incorporates innovative technology where the roller moves dynamically from the head to the back, delivering a comprehensive massage experience for the entire body.

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