10 Best Massage Chairs Under $3000 Review 2024

Are you in search of top-notch massage chairs priced under $3000?

Welcome to my post “Top 10 Best Massage Chairs Under $3000“. Here I’ll review the best-selling massage chairs as per your budget.

Choosing the right massage chair is not an easy job. It requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure that it meets your specific needs, preferences and budget. There are so many brands and models of chairs in the market. So it’s difficult for someone to decide the right chair for himself. Before buying any massage chair, you must read my post ” Massage Chair Buying Guide. ”

I’ve already reviewed the following massage chairs under $2000 and under $3000 :

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After a deep search on these chairs, I’ve selected 3 of the best-selling massage chairs according to your budget below. You may select one of them with confidence. If you ask my suggestion, I would like to recommend you ” iRest AI Massage Chair 2024″, which is the most selling massage chair, especially in USA . This chair is suitable for all ages and equipped with all features like pro massage chairs.


Best Massage Chairs Under 1000

Real Relax 2023 Massage Chair

Dimensions 52″D x 27″W x 43″H
Weight 143.3 lbs
Weight Capacity 300 lbs
Height Limit 5.2 to 6.1 foot
Color Black, Gray


Key Feature:

  • Dual-core S track Massage
  • One Touch Zero Gravity
  • LCD Screen with Remote Control
  • 6 Auto Programs
  • 3 Stages Massage Intensity
  • Built-in Bluetooth Music Player
  • Extendable Foot Rest
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iRest 2024 Massage Chair

iRest 2024 AI Massage Chair

Dimensions 62″D x 30″W x 44″H
Weight 191 lbs
Weight Capacity 330 lbs
Height Limit 5 to 6.2 foot
Color Black, White


Key Features:

  • AI Voice Control Chair
  • Yoga Stretch Massage
  • 3D Robotic Hand Massage
  • SL-Track Massage
  • 4 Stages Zero Gravity
  • 15 Auto Program with 5 Massage Techniques
  • Big LCD Screen
  • Bluetooth Music Player
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Kahuna SM-7300 Massage Chair

Dimensions 48″D x 47″W x 28″H
Weight 238 lbs
Weight Capacity 320 lbs
Height Limit 5 to 6.5 foot
Color Black, Brown


Key Features:

  • Auto Body Scan
  • 3D Massage
  • 5 Yoga Stretching Program
  • 4 Auto Programs
  • 3 Stages Massage Speed
  • 3 Stages Massage Intensity
  • SL- Track Massage
  • Space Saving Zero Gravity
  • Upgraded LCD Remote
  • Suitable for Tall People
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Everyone desires a quality massage chair for home use, providing not only relaxation for the body but also alleviating stress and muscle tension.

Given the diverse array of massage chairs available, it’s crucial to select one that aligns with your specific needs.

Consider key features and functions when making your choice. Primary among these is confirming that the selected chair incorporates a broad range of massage techniques.

Additionally, ensure that the chosen massage chair encompasses all the features you desire.

Massage chairs under $3000 stand out by delivering unparalleled features and benefits, surpassing other options in the market.

1-Kahuna Massage Chair SM-7300

The Kahuna massage chair boasts a robust design, ideal for individuals seeking a durable massage chair priced under $3000. Crafted from high-quality materials built to withstand wear, this chair offers a range of massage techniques. Control the massage intensity with the Bluetooth app controller, and experience the added benefit of a heating function for muscle pain relief.

Featuring an SL track with a six-wheel roller system, this massage chair is a top choice for those desiring durability and quality. Enjoy the zero gravity position and space-saving technology, enhancing the overall functionality of the chair. The diverse massage techniques cater to individual preferences.

The inclusion of a full-coverage squeeze function is particularly appealing. The dual air cells inflate and wrap around calves and the top of the foot, providing a comprehensive coverage upgrade for leg extensions.

Accommodating a range of body sizes, the SM-7300 is suitable for broader builds while still maintaining comfort for average body sizes. Recommended for individuals up to 6.5 feet tall and 320 pounds.


  • Diverse range of massage techniques available
  • Comprehensive squeeze function covering the entire body
  • Effective stress relief for the body
  • Incorporates an SL track system
  • Features dual air-cells


  • The massage chair is somewhat sizable.

2. iRest 2024 AI Massage Chair

If you’re in search of a top-notch massage chair priced under $2500, the iRest Massage Chair 2022 stands out as the leading choice in the market, boasting advanced features and functions to enhance your relaxation experience.

This chair offers a diverse range of massage techniques to target various areas of the body. The SL Track feature enables a comprehensive full-body massage, and the AI Voice Control feature allows convenient chair operation without lifting a finger.

With 12 different types of Automatic Massage Functions, you can easily select the one that best suits your specific needs. Should you encounter any issues with the massage chair, you can rely on the dependable After-Sale Service for assistance.

The iRest Massage Chair 2022’s yoga stretching function facilitates full-body relaxation and muscle stretching. Its intelligent manipulator combines kneading, tapping, and shiatsu techniques to effectively alleviate muscle tension and stress.

Additionally, the back heating function and carbon fiber acting as a far-infrared heat source prove beneficial for addressing chronic pain or injuries.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the iRest Massage Chair ensures durability over the years. The chair’s ergonomic design guarantees comfort during your massage sessions, while its advanced features offer ease of use and customization according to your preferences. Further details about the iRest massage chair are extensively covered in another article.


  • Convenient AI Voice Control
  • Automated Massage Functions
  • Comprehensive full-body air massage
  • Integrated Heating Therapy Mechanism
  • Yoga Stretching Functionality
  • Utilizes the SL Track feature
  • Reliable After-Sale Service
  • Generous 3 Years Warranty


  • Slightly hefty

3. Osaki Zero Gravity 3D L-Track Chair

The Osaki zero gravity massage chair stands out as one of the finest options under $3000, providing a comprehensive full-body massage experience. Its 3D massage rollers deliver exceptional range and flexibility, allowing you to customize the length of the extending rollers from the backrest.

3D Massage

The latest 3D massage rollers offer exceptional range and flexibility in design. Utilizing advanced 3D technology, users can adjust the length of the rollers that protrude from the backrest. The OS-Monarch model provides four levels of 3D intensity control.

Featuring a distinctive foot roller situated at the base, the chair employs a kneading-style application. Additionally, the L-track roller system effectively massages from the neck down to the lower back, glutes, and upper hamstrings.

Zero Gravity

The zero-gravity function enables you to recline into a position where your legs are elevated above your heart, relieving spinal pressure and muscle tension. As the rollers rotate, they stimulate acupuncture points, while the inflating airbags deepen the massage, particularly on the soles of your feet.

Compact Design

Compact in design, this massage chair occupies less space compared to other L-track models. With six auto programs and two manual modes for a full-body or targeted area massage, the chair includes a full-body stretch program to elongate and decompress the spine.

Heat Function

The back heating function enhances muscle relaxation and blood circulation. Meanwhile, the foot massage feature offers three intensity levels to alleviate foot tension and pain.

Support Languages

Supporting multiple languages—English, Korean, or Chinese—the chair comes equipped with a built-in Bluetooth speaker in the headrest for enjoying music or phone calls. Connect your smartphone via the built-in USB connector at the armrest.

With a 5-year limited warranty, the Osaki massage chair assures quality and protection for your investment.


  • Back heating function
  • Innovative space-saving technology
  • Integrated Bluetooth speaker
  • Flexibility and easy control
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Comprehensive full-body massage chair
  • L-track roller system for enhanced coverage
  • 3D massage rollers


  • Assembly can be challenging

4. RELAXONCHAIR [MK-Classic] Shiatsu Massage Chair

The Relaxonchair stands out as an excellent choice among $3000 full-body massage chairs, and there are several compelling reasons for its acclaim. Boasting a range of features, this chair is designed to satisfy the preferences of most massage chair enthusiasts.

Foremost among its attributes is the 2nd generation contoured L-Track system, spanning from the lower skull to the buttocks. This comprehensive design ensures a thorough massage, targeting all major muscle groups effectively.

Moreover, the chair offers versatility with seven auto programs and complete manual massage control, enabling users to tailor their experience to specific preferences. An automatic timer feature allows for convenient duration setting.

Enhancing customization further, the chair incorporates a 3-level intensity/speed control, letting users adjust the massage intensity to their liking. The full-body stretch function contributes to improved flexibility and reduced muscle tension, with the automatic timer preventing overuse and potential injury.

An added benefit is the sleep mode function, permitting users to remain in a reclined or zero gravity position post-massage for uninterrupted relaxation and potential sleep induction.

The zero gravity feature, a standout element, allows reclining to a position where the heart and feet are aligned, minimizing stress on the body and promoting better circulation.

Notably durable, the Relaxonchair boasts a sturdy frame accommodating up to 300 lbs, with a reassuring 3-year limited warranty ensuring longevity and performance. Buyers can be confident that this chair is built to withstand years of use.


  • Features 7 automated programs and comprehensive manual massage control
  • Robust frame capable of supporting up to 300 lbs
  • Utilizes a second-generation contoured L-Track system
  • Offers 3-level intensity/speed control
  • Includes a sleep mode function
  • Enhanced foot roller for improved massage experience


  • Intensity may be too much for certain users

5. MassaMAX 2024 4D Massage Chair

Full Body Air Compression Massage & Lower Back Heating Therapy

Experience a comprehensive air compression massage with the MassaMAX MT339 massage chair, featuring multiple airbags strategically placed at the shoulders, arms, hands, calves, and feet areas.

Innovative Shawl with Heating Functions

Equipped with a unique shawl, the MassaMAX MT339 massage chair offers innovative heating functions on the shoulder, back, waist, and abdomen. Users can customize the shawl’s placement for targeted massages at different positions.

Advanced Carbon Fiber Heating

The backrest unit incorporates carbon fiber heating that emits warmth to alleviate cold and pain. The infrared wavelengths match human body wavelengths, enhancing heat absorption and promoting a faster metabolism.

Automatic Extendable Footrest

The MT339’s footrest automatically adjusts its telescopic distance based on the user’s leg length, sensed through the sole of the foot. With a maximum stretch length of 7.9″, it caters to individuals of varying heights for a more relaxing and comfortable massage experience.

Deep Yoga Stretch Function

In stretch mode, the MassaMAX MT339 massage chair arches the entire body while the intelligent 4D massage manipulator continues massaging. This dual action effectively relieves fatigue, joint pain, and restores vitality.

4D Air Buffer Manipulator

The chair’s air suspension system inflates and deflates airbags to buffer impact, mimicking the layer-by-layer force penetration of a human hand. This innovative design avoids the discomfort of traditional manipulators “smashing” into muscles, providing a more delicate and comfortable experience.

Intelligent Voice Control

The built-in voice control allows users to adjust settings conveniently during the massage, enhancing the overall convenience of the experience.

53.15″ Long SL Track, Zero Gravity, and Space Saving Design

The MT339 boasts a 53.15″ long SL track, zero gravity feature, and a space-saving design. It is designed for individuals with a height range of 5.0ft to 6.1ft, supporting a maximum load weight of 300lbs.

Product Specifications:

  • Model: MT339
  • Rated Voltage: 110V-120V~ 60Hz
  • Rated Power: 120W
  • Max Load Weight: 300lbs
  • Designed Height Range: 5.0ft – 6.1ft
  • Standby Power: 0.1-1W
  • Air Pressure: 0.025-0.03MPa
  • Required Recline Clearance: 1.97″
  • Product Dimension (Upright): 60.63″ L * 29.92″ W * 44.57″ H
  • Product Dimension (Recline): 68.5″ L * 29.92″ W * 34.65″ H
  • Packing Dimension: 63.38″L * 30.31″W * 33.46″H
  • Gross Weight (G.W.): 236lbs
  • Net Weight (N.W.): 192lbs
  • Seat Width: 21″

6. Nouhaus Classic Massage Chair with Ottoman

Best Massage Chair Under 3000 Buyers Guide

What’s the purpose?

When considering the purchase of a massage chair, the primary factor to contemplate is the intended use. Are you seeking a chair for unwinding after work, or do you aim to experience profound relaxation while watching TV?

For those desiring a soothing experience, a chair equipped with high-quality motors and adjustable knobs for controlling massage intensity is likely preferred. Such chairs deliver deep-pressure massages that may even induce a state of relaxation leading to sleep.

On the other hand, if your goal is to alleviate tension and soreness, a chair providing gentle massages could be more suitable. These chairs administer low-pressure massages, making them ideal for individuals dealing with conditions such as arthritis or chronic back pain.

How much does it cost?

When searching for a massage chair, it’s essential to look beyond just the price. Various types of massage chairs with distinct features are available in the market.

Before finalizing your choice, determine your budget and consider the warranty aspect as well. Manufacturers typically provide warranties spanning from 1 to 10 years, so be sure to factor that into your decision-making process.

Is it comfortable?

An additional crucial factor to keep in mind while selecting a massage chair is the comfort it provides during use. Comfort becomes especially significant when seated for extended periods. Prioritize testing the chair before making a purchase.

Spend a few minutes sitting in it, paying attention to its overall feel. Is the firmness adequate? Do the armrests offer comfort? Is movement easy? Should you detect any discomfort, it’s advisable to steer clear of that particular chair.

What size is right for me?

If you plan on using your massage chair frequently, then you’ll definitely want to choose a model that fits comfortably. Most models range between 22 inches and 32 inches wide. When selecting a seat height, keep in mind that taller individuals will require higher seats than shorter ones.

Which features matter most to me?

It’s important to carefully consider the features provided by your massage chair. Seek out adjustable settings, heating capabilities, and ergonomic design. An excellent feature to seek is the capacity to regulate the room’s air temperature, ensuring you won’t have to deal with chilly feet.

Another beneficial option is the chair’s programmable function to automatically power off after a designated time, sparing you the need to manually switch it off.

Will I enjoy using it?

Ultimately, it is essential to assess the materials utilized in constructing your massage chair. Examine the frame, armrests, and base meticulously, as these components significantly influence the chair’s comfort. If these elements lack sturdy construction, you may find yourself investing considerable time in attempting to rectify issues.

Where can I buy one?

You can buy a massage chair from various sources, and a good starting point is Amazon.com, where you can explore a range of options, from basic models to luxurious ones.

Massage Chair FAQs

Can elderly individuals utilize a massage chair?

Certainly, senior citizens can make use of a massage chair. Using a massage chair provides benefits such as relaxation, stress alleviation, pain reduction, improved blood circulation, enhanced sleep quality, and overall better health. Additionally, massage chairs aid in relieving muscle tension and stiffness associated with conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and others.

Do massage chairs consume a significant amount of electricity?

Yes, they do. A typical massage chair uses approximately 1 kilowatt per hour, equivalent to running a light bulb for 30 minutes. This implies that a single massage chair could consume up to $10 worth of electricity each month. If you’re looking to save on energy costs, consider opting for a rechargeable massage chair.

What is the cost of a massage chair?

The cost of a massage chair ranges from $1,000 to $2,500 depending on the desired features. The average price for a quality massage chair is around $1,200. For a more high-end model, expect to spend at least $3,000.

Do massage chairs emit radiation?

No, massage chairs do not emit any form of radiation. While they are used for therapeutic purposes like relaxation and stress relief, the chairs themselves have no harmful effects. Some massages may use oils that could potentially cause skin irritation.

What is shiatsu massage?

Shiatsu massage is a form of bodywork therapy originating from Japan during the Edo period (1603–1868). It utilizes pressure points along the body’s meridians to alleviate stress and tension, having been employed for thousands of years to address various ailments.

What types of massage chairs are available?

Massage chairs come in various types, including air massage chairs, kneading and rolling massage chairs, vibration massage chairs, heating massage chairs, and foot massage chairs.

What are the pros and cons of owning a massage chair?

The advantages of owning a massage chair include relief from muscle tension, stiffness, backaches, headaches, and stress. However, drawbacks include associated expenses, space requirements, and the intensity of the massage.

Which type of massage chair is the best?

The best massage chair varies based on individual needs and preferences, taking into account different massage features and functions.

What features and functions do massage chairs typically offer?

Massage chairs typically provide diverse features and functions, including various massage techniques, kneading and rolling, vibration, heating, foot massage, and more.

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