Editorial Policy

The editorial policy serves as the guiding principles that dictate the functioning of an organization. It encompasses the organization’s stance towards its community and assists editors in making decisions related to editorial content.

At The Massage Dignity, the editorial board, led by the editor-in-chief, provides recommendations for all editorial policy decisions. The board convenes twice a week—during online production and prior to the production of each print issue—to establish the editorial stance for unsigned editorials and assign their composition.

Regardless of the author, ultimate responsibility for the content lies with the editorial board and the editor-in-chief. Editorials, whether penned by the editor-in-chief or another board member, must be grounded in thorough research to ensure an accurate grasp of the issue.

In cases where a consensus cannot be reached, the editor-in-chief is tasked with formulating editorials based on a unanimous consent of the editorial board or through a vote. Approval requires a minimum of two positive votes.

Editorials receiving two positive votes or gaining approval through consensus remain unsigned, representing the paper’s opinion. If the required positive votes are not secured, a proposed editorial must be signed by its supporters. The editor-in-chief possesses the authority to override the editorial board but cannot substitute a different position on the same topic without a majority positive vote.

The editor-in-chief is responsible for implementing policy decisions made by the editorial board, with considerations for informing readers, adhering to community standards, and understanding the newspaper’s impact on the community agenda. The newspaper aims to inform, promote discussion on campus issues, and entertain.

In instances where policy questions persist or affect the entire organization, the Student Media Board may be involved in resolution. If the Media Board fails to address the issue, it may be escalated to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.